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M. Jan Spears, Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer M. Jan Spears
Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Spears has more than 30 years experience in home health administration including ownership of a multi-million dollar home care operation in Texas during the mid 1990‘s that was the first agency to integrate the OASIS assessment tool into home care practice as a demonstration site for CMS. She worked closely with CMS in the development of the OASIS data collection format in preparation for the implementation of a prospective pay reimbursement program for Medicare. She has authored several publications including Home Health Agency — Policies and Procedures, ”Care Guides for Home Health Practice under PPS”, and “ Crosswalk for Compliance — An Effective Guide for Integrating OASIS Elements to Clinical Documentation”

As a full time consultant for the past ten years, Mrs. Spears has successfully merged clinical and financial strategies into successful operational plans for more than 300 providers in 25 states. Her expertise as a consultant to home care and hospice providers as well as physician groups, hospitals, durable medical equipment suppliers, and legal counselors has increased her demand to more than 20 states during the past two years. As a certified educator, Mrs. Spears uses teaching methodologies that simplify the most complex theories into practical day-to-day advice for the entry level or the most experienced health care provider. She heads a team of more than thirty-five consultants at MJS & Associates, LLC known for its solution-driven approach to achieving best practice in clinical and operational standards for all provider types. Additional areas of expertise and experience include:

  • Coordinates with staff of associates to provide training relevant to federal and state regulations for home healthcare providers, as related to the clinical practice of the Registered Nurse
  • Authored and presents numerous training sessions covering the effects of changing guidelines on the provision of home health nursing services as well as all administrative aspects of the home care industry
  • Leads the company in provision of consulting services, including practice guidelines of the Registered Nurse as related to home health/hospice regulatory guidelines
  • Conducts due diligence of home care agencies for prospective buyers, including analysis of findings with recommendations of viability of acquisitions in over 18 states
  • Serves as expert witness relating to healthcare reimbursement issues for a variety of healthcare provider types
  • Authored customized operational policies and procedures for healthcare providers
  • Set-up corporate compliance programs for various healthcare providers
  • Conducts mock surveys of home health and hospice agencies in preparation for their state/federal audits

As member and featured presenter/speaker for the Texas Association of Home Care and the Home Care Association of Louisiana and Southwest Regional home Care Association Mrs. Spears previous home health related presentations includes:

  • SWGCR Conference 2005 — Preventing Clinical Breakdown: Apply Process STAT!
  • TAHC Winter Conference 2008 — “OASIS: It‘s a Game of Change not Chance”
  • TAHC Winter Conference 2008 — “ Bridging the Gap Between Home Health and Hospice”
  • TAHC Annual Conference 2007 — “ The Risky Business in Documenting Incidents”
  • TAHC Advanced Administrator‘s Training 2002-2008 “ An Operational Plan for the Hospice Entrepreneur
  • TAHC Advanced Admin. 2008 — “ The Risky Business in Documenting Incidents”
  • SWGCR Conference 2008 — “The Moment of Truth Will Your PPS Reimbursement Stand up to External Review?”

Charlie Spears, Co-owner and Chief Financial Officer Charlie Spears
Co-owner and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Spears worked for 14 years (1975-1989) for USDA as County Director of Federal Farm Programs.

From 1989-1999 Mr. Spears operated as Co-owner/CFO of Qualicare of East Texas Home Health. Mr. Spears was Director of the home health financial accounts division.

Mr. Spears (from 1999-current) now is the Co-owner/CFO for MJS & Associates, LLC. He is responsible for managing Human Resources including credentialing clinical staff, all account and financial reporting functions including P.R./Accounts Payable and AR.

T. J. Hopson, RN, BAASN, HCS-D, Compliance RN, RN Clinical Consultant, and Activity Planning Committee Member T. J. Hopson
RN, BAASN, HCS-D, Compliance RN, RN Clinical Consultant, and Activity Planning Committee Member

After earning her ASN from the University of the State of New York and BAASN from Stephen F. Austin State University, she earned HCS-D certification from the Board of Medical Specialty. At MJS & Associates, Ms. Hopson plays a central role in performing comprehensive audits on clinical records for home health and hospice agencies in more than 15 states.

Ms. Hopson has worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty years, gaining experience in the areas of:

  • Home Health,
  • Pediatrics,
  • Wound are,
  • Compliance issues, including: licensure laws, federal Conditions of Participation, accreditation standards, reimbursement guidelines for Medicare, Medicare managed care, and Medicaid,
  • Medical administration, and
  • Coding standards.

In addition to her Home Care ICD-9 Coding certification, she has taught several classes on coding standards/rules as they apply to the home health and hospice areas of nursing practice. She has also been involved with on-site audits and assisted with preparation for survey readiness.

Sherri Foster, RN, HCS-D, Director of Compliance and Activity Planning Committee Member Sherri Foster
RN, HCS-D, Director of Compliance and Activity Planning Committee Member

Ms. Foster serves as the compliance services manager for MJS & Associates, LLC. In this capacity she supervises directly or provides coordination with a team of RN auditors that collectively complete more than 6000 record audits annually in more than fifteen states. She keeps the consulting group informed regarding any federal and state regulatory changes or accreditation changes that impact the delivery and documentation requirements for home health and hospice providers in each of the states under her direct supervision.

During her tenure with MJS, Ms. Foster has also performed numerous on-site clinical consultation services with Texas agencies performing survey readiness reviews, licensure audits, and clinical record review services. She is a certified ICD-9-CM coding specialist and provides these services to agencies upon request to assist them in achieving optimal reimbursement under the Medicare program.

Ms. Foster previously worked in the home health field in clinical supervisory and managerial positions since 1999. She has specialty experience with personal assistance services including state funded programs such as the Community Based Alternatives (CBA) and Primary Home Care waiver programs.

Clinical practice areas of focus include emergency nursing, surgical nursing, home health and healthcare administration. Additional areas of expertise and experience include:

  • Consults and provides Clinical education and support services to providers of home health services as requested of the company.
  • Provides resources related to compliance with state and federal regulations, Conditions of Participation, and nursing practice guidelines.
  • Performs quality assurance audits and clinical record review for home health client agencies.
  • Assists with development of quality improvement activities, and with identification and resolution of procedural and systems issues.
  • Provides clinical education as requested.
  • Participates in education planning committees to assist with identifying the educational needs of the RN involved in home health/hospice nursing as indicated by results of clinical record audits, survey readiness reviews, and changes in state or federal regulatory guidelines.
  • Also participates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of continuing nursing education activities under direction of the Primary RN Nurse Planner.

Lori J. Shaw, RN, BSN, Compliance RN, Education Coordinator and Consultant, RN Primary Nurse Planner, and Activity Planning Committee Chair Lori J. Shaw
RN, BSN, Compliance RN, Education Coordinator and Consultant, RN Primary Nurse Planner, and Activity Planning Committee Chair

Lori Shaw, RN, BSN has one year of hospital experience on a general medicine floor, Intermediate Care Unit, and ICU. She has 4 years as a home health RN-Case Manager where she was responsible for the care of over fifty patients. Prior to entering the field of nursing, Ms Shaw worked for fifteen years in pre-hospital care as an NREMT-Paramedic in Baton Rouge, LA holding positions as Field Paramedic, Paramedic Field Supervisor, and Education Coordinator. Her prior experience in education as a PALS instructor, ACLS instructor, and EMT instructor; and her role as co-instructor of two concurrent EMT-Paramedic classes responsible for the development, implementation, presentation, evaluation, record keeping, documentation and evaluation of course content following the criteria established by the state of Louisiana and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians have been invaluable to MJS & Associates and her abilities to deliver consulting services for:

  • The home health and hospice industries, clinical records reviews for agencies in more than 15 states, focusing specifically on addressing potential compliance issues by performing clinical record reviews for various agencies,
  • Plans of correction for identified areas of need including administrative, compliance, documentation, and clinical practice, and other areas.

Ms. Shaw‘s other areas of experience and expertise includes:

  • Experience in pre-hospital care includes direct patient care of ill/injured patients, supervision of field staff, education of field staff, collaboration with ancillary public service agencies.
  • Member of the steering committee responsible for the development and implementation of the company‘s Critical Incident Stress Management team.
  • Experience in hospital nursing including direct patient care and collaboration with members of the healthcare team.
  • Experience in the home health setting as field RN-Clinical Case Manager responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of patient directed plans of care, supervision of LVN‘s and HHA‘s, and communication with other healthcare professionals involved in the home patient‘s care (i.e., MD, therapists, LVN‘s, Aides).
  • Ms. Shaw was appointed Primary RN Nurse Planner 10/2008
  • Responsible for adherence to TNA/ANCC criteria for continuing nursing education activities;
  • Implemented new policies and procedures for the CNE provider unit
  • Completed the TNA “Approved Provider Workshop” 01/2009.

Administrative Services Manager, Education Administrative Assistant, and Activity Planning Committee Member Mary Rice
Administrative Services Manager, Education Administrative Assistant, and Activity Planning Committee Member

Mary Rice has been involved in the healthcare field and more specifically in the home healthcare field as:

  • Co-owner of an agency for 11+ years
  • Director of New Business
  • Clinical Records Manager

Her previous business experience includes 5 years as sales manager for a nation-wide sugar company and more than 30 years of office management in various industries. Mary has experience in proofreading and editing of professional journals, newsletters and books. This background provides the instructor with the support needed for gathering data, preparation of handouts and oversight of records. In addition, she assists with scheduling and site set-up, and registration for continuing nursing education activities offered by MJS & Associates. Other areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Education Administrative Assistant, Planning Committee Member
  • Research and data collection, preparation of educational handouts and promotional materials
  • Scheduling of continuing educational activities
  • Recording the minutes of the planning committee activities and making them available to all committee members

Jenny Cain, Compliance Coordinator, Education Administrative Assistant, and Activity Planning Committee Member Jenny Cain
Compliance Coordinator, Education Administrative Assistant, and Activity Planning Committee Member

Since 2002, Mrs. Cain has served in various capacities within MJS & Associates, including billing and collection service manager for various home health providers. Additionally, she oversees special projects designed to analyze reimbursement and compliance patterns for different home health agencies. As the Compliance Coordinator, Mrs. Cain arranges and maintains audit schedules for home health agencies in over 17 states. As compliance audits are completed, Mrs. Cain prepares each report to reflect total compliance scores for each episode audited. In her role as an Educational Administrative Assistant, Ms Cain is responsible for scheduling activities, design and preparation of education handouts and promotional materials.

John Patin
Manager of IT

John started his computer career in 1980 at his home as a novice computer user. In a few years, he started doing outside consulting for individuals and small businesses. In 1992, he started as a part time consultant for QualiCare of East Texas, Inc. As the need for computer consulting grew, QualiCare of East Texas, Inc. hired him as a full time Director of Computer Operations in July, 95.

In December 1995, John attended networking school in Shreveport Louisiana and by March 1996, he received his CNA (Certified Network Administrator) Certification through Novell. As the need for networking grew, John also studied Windows networking which includes Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT operating systems.

John is knowledgeable in most all major software packages which includes Microsoft Office, Major Backup software packages, widely used Operation systems, Time and Attendance Recording, Lotus Smart Suite and many others.

In Mid 1996, John was promoted to Director of MIS (Management of Information Systems). In 1998, he accepted a new position, Manager of IT in our newly formed company MJS & Associates, LLC. He currently still holds that position. John has 21 years prior experience in plant operations for Moore Business Forms, which included 5 years Computerized Printing Press operations.

He also attended Stephen F. Austin State University during the 1973-74 school year. He continually seeks to increase his knowledge in all phases of computers and computer software. John’s philosophy on computers is we must learn them, we must use them and we must respect them for they are here today and will be tomorrow!

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